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Umbraco - the simple, flexible and friendly ASP.NET CMS
For the first time on the Microsoft platform a free user and developer friendly cms that makes it quick and easy to create websites - or a breeze to build complex web applications.

This Group is about how to extend the ecommerce framework and get it done in a package..

We have a forum running on The discussions area on CodePlex will be for discussions on developing the core, and not on Umbraco-implementations or extensions in general. For those topics, please use

Contribute to Umbraco
You can submit patches to umbraco from the source code tab. Frequent patchers can be considered for the core team. If you want to join, start by solving issues and keeping an eye on core team chat announcements!

Code submission guidelines
We have a guidelines for submitting code: CodeSubmissionGuidelines

Get the latest sourcecode, build it, test it, run it! (Build instructions)

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